Bookmark - Rabbit (Nr5b)
Bookmark - Rabbit (Nr5b)
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Bookmark - Rabbit (Nr5b)

Segnalibro 34-41Mb

Origin:                Japan

Material:            Plastic

Dimensions:     10 x 2.5 cm

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Plastic bookmark decorated with cherry blossom and Rabbit.

The rabbit he is the protagonist of many mythological legends and Japanese folklore.


One of the most famous is that of the Lunar Rabbit, legend has it that the rabbit lives on the moon

and its image can be seen in the depressions of the lunar surface only during full moon nights.

On these nights you can see the rabbit with a kitchen pestle.

The story begins with a tired and hungry walker who at some point of his journey he arrives

in a wood where he meets a monkey, an otter, a jackal and a rabbit.

The first three animals help him get hold of food. Only the rabbit,

with no particular skills apart from recovering a little of grass, fails to bring anything to the traveler.

So he decides to offer himself itself as a meal, to prepare a fire and throw oneself into the flames.

The traveler, who is actually the Hindu deity Sakna,

is so impressed from the gesture of generosity of the rabbit,

who decides to immortalize hers image on the lunar surface, so that everyone can admire it.

The rabbit it is therefore the symbol of sacrifice and generosity.

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