Bookmark - Maneki Neko (Nr3)
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Bookmark - Maneki Neko (Nr3)

Segnalibro 34-48

Origin:               Japan

Material:           Plastic

Dimensions:     10 x 2.5 cm

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Plastic bookmark with a white Maneki Neko, symbol of luck. The Japanese expression "Maneki Neko" can be translated as the Cat who calls or Cat of Fortune.

The raised paw of the cat wants to be in fact an invitation to enter. According to a popular belief, if a cat we pass the paw over the ear, shortly after it will rain.

For this they will enter more customers in one place, a great fortune for the owner. Here's why to usually in Japan we find the Maneki Neko in the shop windows.

There are many legends related to cats in Japan and the origin of the Maneki Neko. Cats were introduced to Japan from China in the 6th century:

they protected from mouse boats, agricultural plantations and silkworms.

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