Maneki Neko
Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko


Calico with Green Cord:                            Luck and Health

Yellow with Purple Lanyard:                    Wisdom and Money

White-Black with Green Lanyard:          Health and Convict Trouble

Rose with Red Cord:                                 Love and Protection

Calico with Red Cord:                               Luck and Protection


Blog:                  Click here for more information "Maneki Neko (招 き 猫) - Japanese lucky cat"

Blog:                  Click here for more information "From the lucky cat to the Neko Cafè"


  • Calico con Cordino Verde
  • Giallo con Cordino Viola
  • Bianco-Nero con Cordino Verde
  • Rosa con Cordino Rosso
  • Calico con Cordino Rosso


Mini Maneki Neko of different colors, each associated with a particular fortune.


Origin:          Japan (Made in Japan)

Material:      Ceramic

Height:         2,5 cm

Hand painted

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