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Natural Japanese Incense - Autumn
Natural Japanese Incense - Autumn
Natural Japanese Incense - Autumn

Natural Japanese Incense - Autumn

Incenso Naturale - Autunno

Natural incense produced in Kyoto (Japan).

100% vegetable, natural and organic product.

Ingredients: Fragrance of bergamot and cedar.

The package consists of 10 cones lasting 15 minutes each.

The dimensions of the incense cones are: diameter 1 cm, height 2 cm

The set includes a ceramic incense plate.

Handcrafted product


Kosaido Natural Incense Cones for Environments. Japanese production, Kyoto origin.

The package contains 10 incense cones, made entirely with natural flavors and oils,

but without bark: for this reason, once lit, they do not emit smoke. Kosaido is a modern

company based in Kyoto. Its incenses are distinguished by the use of fruity fragrances.

Since ancient times incense has been used against anxiety and tension, thanks to its

relaxing effect. The Kosaido company has created more modern fragrances while

remaining faithful to tradition ancient Kyoto. The fragrance of this incense is very fresh,

with notes of bergamot and cedar. The packaging is very elegant, decorated with red

maple leaves. The package includes an incense-burning saucer, painted with maple

leaves. The ingredients used to create this incense are totally vegetable, natural.

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