Natural incense Shoyeido - Moss Garden
Natural incense Shoyeido - Moss Garden
Natural incense Shoyeido - Moss Garden
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Natural incense Shoyeido - Moss Garden

Moss Garden

Natural incense produced in Kyoto (Japan).

Cruelty Free product, 100% vegetable, natural and biodegradable.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Benzoin, Patchouli and spices.

The package consists of 35 sticks lasting 45 minutes each.

The size of the incense sticks is 22cm.

Net weight: 18 grams.

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Shoyedo Natural Incense Sticks for Kin-Kaku Environments (Autumn Leaves).

Japanese production, Kyoto origin. The continent pack 35 sticks, made up entirely of natural aromas

and oils without the presence of wood and therefore, once burned, they do not give off any smoke.

Kin-kaku is one of the best incenses traditional and at the same time spicy.

In this incense they are masterfully blended sandalwood, cinnamon, Pachouli and other spices,

in order to produce harmony in the environment, creating a positive and optimistic feeling.

The fragrance of sandalwood it is one of the most suitable for meditation,

thanks to its calming and relaxing properties.

The packaging comes from recycled sources.

The ingredients used to create this incense they are totally vegetable and not tested on animals.

This incense is made by the Shoyeido company with headquarters in Kyoto.

Product Details

About Shoyeido Incense Co., Kyoto, Japan

The history of Shoyeido is seven generations long and begins in 1705, when Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon HATA, created a shop called SASAYA. Later Rokubeu Moritsure HATA, who represents the third generation, working for the Emperor learned the secrets of the incense blends, previously used only for the Imperial family. After almost three hundred years, the HATA family continues the promotion of incense, always renewing itself and offering a wide range of unique and handmade blends. Today, Shoyeido incenses are considered the highest quality natural incenses in the world. Shoyeido not only produces the highest quality incense but is committed to preserving the ancient tradition of incense making in the modern world.



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