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Set to learn the basics of the Art of...
Set to learn the basics of the Art of...
Set to learn the basics of the Art of...
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Set to learn the basics of the Art of Shodo Calligraphy

set da scrittura Shodo

Origin:     Japan, Kyoto (Made in Japan)

Brand:     Kuretake

Type:       Set to learn the first steps of Shodo Calligraphy


What's inside:

* Colored reusable cards for Shodo Calligraphy only with the use of water (without ink)

   measures 334 mm x width 242 mm (Black, green, red with striped lines) 1 card per color.

* 1 booklet of 8 pages with the letters of the alphabet Hiragana, Katakana and some Kanji (235mm x 335mm)

* 1 brush

* 1 inkwell for water writing with sponge (142 x 83 x 20) mm

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A set for learning Shodo calligraphy, easy to use with water.

Inside is everything you need for the first time.


Instructions for Use:

1. Fill half of the inkwell without the sponge with water.

2. Dip the brush in the water.

3. Remove excess water from the brush tip with the sponge.

4. Write on the colored side of the card. The water will react with the paper and it will change color.

5. After a while, the written characters will dry out and disappear.

6. You can reuse the same card several times to practice. When you are done using the brush let it dry before putting the cap on.

    Allow the sponge and cards to dry before to put them away.


* Please DO NOT USE calligraphy ink.

* Please do not fold the cards.

* Do not put calligraphy cards in your mouth.

* Please do not use any direct heat sources to dry your handwriting.

* Please do not keep in direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

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