Yurayura - Owl and Sakura
Yurayura - Owl and Sakura
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Yurayura - Owl and Sakura


Origin:               Japan

Material:            Wood and fabric

Height:              7 cm

Width:               4 cm

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Very nice owl under a cherry blossom entirely made of fabric Japanese.

The owl rocks but never falls and therefore is the symbol of constancy and perseverance.

This lucky charm is inspired by the Japanese proverb "Cadi seven times and get up eight ".


Both the owl and the owl are nicknamed in Japan "the God of the forest"

and are among the most popular amulets.

They are associated with different types of luck, for their multiple characteristics:

prosperity in business because the head of owls and owls can turn 360 degrees.

Success in life for their big eyes, which they also see in the dark (and therefore can see the future).

They also capture information important thanks to their unerring hearing.

The Japanese name is Fukurou: Fu means "deny", Korou "fatigue or bad luck.

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