Daruma (達磨)

The classic Japanese Daruma is red in color and is made of paper. Daruma are Japanese votive figures without arms and legs, representing Bodhidharma (Daruma in Japanese), the founder and first patriarch of Zen Buddhism. The doll has the stylized face of a man with a beard and mustache, but the eyes are white circles. Using black ink, you need to draw only one eye and make a wish; if the wish were to come true, the second eye will also be drawn. Due to the low center of gravity, some Daruma doll models straighten themselves after being pushed to one side, which is a symbol of optimism, perseverance and strong determination.

Daruma, Japanese Lucky charm Daruma, Japanese Lucky charm 2
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Daruma, Japanese Lucky charm

A12-51 Daruma classico
Origin:           Japan (Made in Japan) Material:       Papier mache Height:          10 cm Feature:        Artisan Product --- Blog:              Click here for more information "The Gift of Daruma (達磨)"
Kokeshi doll - Red Daruma... Kokeshi doll - Red Daruma... 2
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Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi doll - Red Daruma (Kofukudaruma)

Kofukudaruma R
Origin:           Japan (Made in Japan) Material:       Mizuki wood Height:          5.5 cm Feature:        Artisan Product
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