Your name in Japanese

The Japanese artist realizes, on commission, "Your name in Japanese". You can ask for the translation of the name you want on Japanese paper, in Kanji characters. The Japanese name is painted on white vertical cards, using the calligraphy technique with brush and black ink. The card is signed by the artist with a red stamp. The translation of the name in Japanese is done vertically if you want it horizontally please specify it in the order. Only one name can be translated into Japanese on each card.

Your Name in Japanese... Your Name in Japanese... 2
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Your name in Japanese

Your Name in Japanese Calligraphy

il tuo nome in giapponese
The translation of your name by the Japanese artist Kazuko Kataoka (native Japanese language). --- This product is handmade by the Japanese artist on commission: for this reason the shipping times will be longer than for other products of our catalog. * Shipping times will be agreed, after the order, together with the artist. * As a general rule,...
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