Kyoto Pastels

The packs of pastels that we offer are products of the Oukan - Gondola Pastel company founded in 1919 in Kyoto. They are the first soft pastel producers in all of Japan. The name Gondola Pastel derives from the work of art "Gondola of Venice". Pastels packs include all traditional Kyoto colors. You can choose between two different packs: a Small pack that includes 18 crayons and the Large pack that contains 36. The Gondola crayons are suitable for both beginners and artists.

Colored Pastels Kyoto L Colored Pastels Kyoto L 2
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Kyoto Pastels

Colored Pastels Kyoto L

pastelli L Nr1
Origin:            Kyoto - Japan (Made in Japan) Quantity:       36                        Artisan Product
Colored Pastels Kyoto S Colored Pastels Kyoto S 2
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Kyoto Pastels

Colored Pastels Kyoto S

pastelli S Nr2
Origin:           Japan (Made in Japan) Quantity:       18                        Artisan Product
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