Colored Pastels Kyoto L
Colored Pastels Kyoto L
Colored Pastels Kyoto L
Colored Pastels Kyoto L
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Colored Pastels Kyoto L

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Origin:            Kyoto - Japan (Made in Japan)

Quantity:       36

                       Artisan Product

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Pack of 36 crayons, made in Kyoto.

These pastels, in all shades, will allow you to realize designs

that reproduce the colors of traditional Japanese paintings.

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About Oukan - Gondola Pastel

Oukan - Gondola Pastel was founded in 1919 in Kyoto, as the first soft pastel manufacturer in Japan. It took 10 years to research and fine-tune the processes to create the exact blend of colors and obtained handmade pastels, which perfectly match the light of traditional Japanese scenery and which he has now been selling with pride for more than 100 years. Gondola Pastel, takes its name from the work of art "Gondola of Venice", received by Chiyoji Yazaki. Since 2011, the sale of Kyo Iro Pastel has begun, created from an idea by Yukiko Inoue, winner of the Second Kyoto Culture Venture Competition, with the traditional colors of Kyoto.



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