Bookmark - Kitsune (Nr8)
Bookmark - Kitsune (Nr8)
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Bookmark - Kitsune (Nr8)

Kitsune Nero

Origin:                Japan

Material:            Plastic

Dimensions:      10 x 2.5 cm

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  • Kitsune Nero
  • kitsune Rosso


Plastic bookmark decorated with the Torii and the Guardian Kitsune of the sacred place.

The Fushimi Inari Taisha, a shrine dedicated to Kami Inari.


Kitsune is a very important character in Japanese folklore.

In Japanese mythology it belongs to the category of Yokai,

of spirits: the word kitsune means "spirit of the fox".

The main features of a Kitsune are its marked intelligence, its long life,

during which manages to take on ever more powerful supernatural qualities e above

all the ability to transform and take on different appearances,

in particularly that of a beautiful young woman.

Another feature of it is that the older she gets, the stronger and wiser she becomes.

You can tell the age of a kitsune counting its queues, which can reach the maximum number of nine.

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