Tiny Maneki Neko - Tiny Lucky Cat
Tiny Maneki Neko - Tiny Lucky Cat
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Tiny Maneki Neko - Tiny Lucky Cat


White:                                 Luck

Rosa:                                   Love

Purple:                                Wisdom

Red:                                     Protection

Green:                                 Health

Black:                                  Get out of trouble

Golden:                               Money

White-Calico:                     Luck in business

White-Brindle:                   Protection for the Family

White-Ceremonial:           Luck in relationships


Blog:                  Click here for more information "Maneki Neko (招 き 猫) - Japanese lucky cat"

Blog:                  Click here for more information "From the lucky cat to the Neko Cafè"


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  • Black
  • Green
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  • Viola
  • Dorato
  • Bianco - Calico
  • Bianco - Tigrato
  • Bianco - Cerimoniale


Mini lucky kittens in ceramic, to always carry with you.

It is customary to keep them in the purse, along with

the loose change.

Each mini kitten depicts a cat giving good luck, with

left paw and right paw raised.

Lucky Cats have been known in Japan since the Edo

period and are very important in Japanese culture.

Maneki Neko are usually found in front of commercial


The cat inviting customers is seated near the entrance.


Origin:       Japan (Made in Japan)

Material:   Ceramic

Height:      1 cm

                   Hand painted.

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