From the lucky cat to the Neko Cafè

The creation of the Neko Cafè is the natural consequence of the popularity of the Maneki Neko, the Japanese lucky cat.


Origin of the Neko Cafè ...

The idea of opening a Neko Cafe, a bar in the company of cats, does not come from Japan, since the first Neko Cafe was opened in Taipei City (Taiwan),

in the late 90s, with the name of "Cat Flower Garden ”A few years later," Neko no Jikan ", the first Japanese Neko Café, was inaugurated in Osaka.


Audience of Neko Cafè ...

We recommend the Neko Cafè to all those who love the company of cats, their mysterious nature, different poses, playfulness, calm. The Neko Cafè

is also suitable for those who cannot have a cat, but want his company. In the Neko Cafè you will find cats of different species and characters.

Behavior at Neko Cafè ...

Each Neko Café has its own rules, established by the manager.

In Europe, cats from shelters are brought and rescued to Neko Cafes. The rules therefore mainly aim to protect the health of the cats guests of the Neko Cafè,

and must be strictly observed.

It is usually allowed to play and pet the cats in the Neko Cafe.

On the other hand, the Neko Cafe prohibits customers from disturbing cats, forcing them in any way.

The Neko Cafe also rarely allows you to feed cats.

It is always necessary to follow the instructions of the staff of each Neko Cafè thus avoiding possible misunderstandings.


Neko Cafè in the world ...

Neko Cafè are not just a place of coexistence with animals: Neko Cafes are usually found in the city center, but their atmosphere is always very quiet and

peaceful. The Neko Cafe is an escape from the busy and noisy life.

Today, Neko Cafés are almost everywhere, because cats are much loved pets, undemanding, capable of instilling peace and joy.

The Neko Cafe is considered in Japan an oasis of tranquility after a busy day of work.

Article written by Vladimir Zaicek, Maria Grazia Simeone, Marco Morelli

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