Natural Japanese incense, Incense...
Natural Japanese incense, Incense...
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Natural Japanese incense, Incense sticks Kousaido - Jasmine


Origin:              Kyoto (Japan)

Type:                100% plant-based, natural and organic

Ingredients:     Jasmine flowers

Quantity:          15 sticks

Duration:          15-17 minutes

Length:            7 cm Special

Particularity:   Handmade product

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Kousaido Natural Incense Sticks for Ambience. Japanese production, Kyoto origin.

The package contains sticks, made entirely from natural aromas and oils,

but without bark: therefore, once lit, they do not give off smoke.

The package contains 20 sticks, lasting 15-17 minutes each.


Kousaido is a modern company based in Kyoto. Its incenses are distinguished by

the use of fruity fragrances. Since ancient times, incense has been used against

anxiety and tension, thanks to its relaxing effect. The Kousaido company has created

more modern fragrances while remaining yet faithful to the ancient Kyoto tradition.


The packaging is very elegant, created from wood, adorned with images of traditional Japanese.

The ingredients used to create this incense are totally plant-based, natural.


* Light the incense tip and let it smoke (not burn).

* Be sure to use incense burners and incense holders that are non-combustible and be careful not to drop or blow them out

* DO NOT use near flammable objects, in unstable or windy places

* DO NOT leave the area during use and be careful when handling the fire.

(After the smoke has disappeared there may still be some sparks left. Pay attention to this).

* When using multiple incense sticks, leave a space of about 5 mm between them.

* Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and use and store out of the reach of children and pets.

* Do not use for purposes other than incense.

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