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Sencha Green Tea (IYEMON CHA) Midori...
Sencha Green Tea (IYEMON CHA) Midori...
Sencha Green Tea (IYEMON CHA) Midori...
Sencha Green Tea (IYEMON CHA) Midori...

Sencha Green Tea (IYEMON CHA) Midori no Chikyu Hatsu Sencha Ryokue

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- For a cup of hot tea:

Use 3g 'one teaspoon' of tea for one cup and pour 60ml of hot '70 C 'water.

Wait about 90 seconds for the infusion to complete, then fill the cup.


Green Tea (loose leaf)

Ingredients: 100% Green Tea

Net weight: 50g

Expiry date: 16 Sept. 2021

Batch number: UJ20210916

Store in a cool, dry place

Product of Japan

Manufacturer: Fukuju Seicha Co., Ltd., 50 Kamikoma-higashitsukurimichi, Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-city, Kyoto-prefecture, 619-0204, Japan


Delicious green tea of ​​the highest quality, grown and processed in the Kyoto Prefecture, according to the ancient Uji processing method.

The first cultivation of Ujicha is believed to have been created by a Buddhist monk named Myoe.

In the Edo Period (1738) Nagatari Soen, coming from the Uji area, codified the procedure for create Ujicha tea.

The Uji method consists in steaming the fresh leaves, starting to work them with your hands while they are dried.

This tea pack is made from 50g of Sencha loose leaf green tea from Kyoto prefecture.

This tea, with a fresh and delicate flavor and bright green color, is excellent both cold and hot.

This Japanese green tea contains many substances that benefit our well-being:

Theanine: Helps the brain work better

Fluorine: prevents tooth decay

Flavonoid: prevents bad breath

Minerals (calcium, potassium, etc.): activate the metabolism

Vitamin A: moisturizes the skin and helps the digestive and respiratory systems

Vitamin C: prevents fatigue and counteracts seasonal ailments such as the flu

Vitamin E: is a powerful anti-aging

Vitamin B1: transforms sugar into energy

Vitamin B2: helps develop muscles

Catechin: is a powerful germicide and improves the functioning of the intestine.

Caffeine: has a diuretic and refreshing effect.

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