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Japanese Hakama for Martial Arts /...
Japanese Hakama for Martial Arts /...
Japanese Hakama for Martial Arts /...
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Japanese Hakama for Martial Arts / Aikido / Kendo, Size-M

hakama blu M - uomo - 95 cm

Origin:        Japan (Made in Japan)

Material:    Polyester 100%


Suitable for height:   168 - 173 cm

Length:                         95 cm

Front strap:                 161 cm

Back strap:                  78 cm


How to choose the size of the Hakama: Start measuring the height -> from the hips to the ankle.

This height should correspond to the height -> from the front lanyard / belt -> to the hem of the Hakama.

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Elegant Hakama for men, solid blue.

The Hakama is a traditional Japanese garment, resembling a trouser-skirt.

Worn, it resembles a large pleated skirt.

In ancient times it was a male dress, but today it is also worn by women.


Each of its folds has a particular meaning:

Gi: Honesty Justice

Yu: Heroic Courage

Jin: Compassion

Rei: Kind courtesy

Shin: Complete Sincerity

Meiyo: Honor

Chugi: Duty Loyalty


Washing instructions:

Place the Hakama in a nylon mesh bag (readily available on the market).

Use a weak stream of water for 3-5 minutes.

Use a neutral detergent.

Rinse for about 3-5 minutes.

Do not dry in the sun.

Hand or machine wash, in cold water.

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