Japanese ancient Theater Mask - Hannya
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Japanese ancient Theater Mask - Hannya


Origin:           Japan (Made in Japan)

Material:       Ceramic, wooden base

Height:          27 cm

Feature:        Artisan Product

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The character represented by the Hannya mask is a classic demon of the ancient Japanese Noh theater,

in which the masks must be worn by the leading actors. In Japanese mythology Hannya does part of the

Japanese demons, along with evil spirits. Hannya is a beautiful woman who, because of the too much

jealousy of her, she has turned into a demon. She is also a classic of Japanese tattoos, and she always

is she represented with a large horned head, with an open mouth and two large eyes staring at you.

Her gaping mouth is ready to devour whoever she has in front of her.

The Hannya mask is made of coin ceramic, on a wooden base.

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